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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please email us at and we will be happy to help! We attempt to answer all inquiries within 1 working day.
How does it work? Every 2 months we send you a surprise box with 6 delicious sample/single sizes of our best kosher foodie finds. Each item in your KosherFoodieBox has been reviewed by our discerning tasting panel. In the event that we send a full size product, it will count as 2 items, for instance, there may be 1 full size and 4 sample/single sizes in any given box.

What does sample/single size mean? We want to make sure that you have enough of each product to decide that you want MORE! Things like snacks and beverages that are made to be enjoyed in a single serving will contain at least an individual serving. Items such as side dishes meant to be part of a meal will contain enough to serve at least 2. Spices and other ingredients will include enough to create at least one generously portioned recipe.

I’ve seen this item in my local store, what’s so special about it? Please remember that many specialty items, especially from smaller, newer companies usually have very limited distribution. Therefore, an item you have seen in your market may not be something that has been seen or tasted in other parts of the country. And if you have seen an item before, KosherFoodieBox gives you a chance to taste-test it!

Why is there a non-food item in my KosherFoodieBox? Occasionally, we will include a nonfood item we think will be of interest to our subscribers in a KosherFoodieBox. This is only done after we have fulfilled our promise of 6 sample size/single serving food items per box. Remember, that a full size item counts as two sample size items, so a box may contain 5 food items (at least 1 of which is full size) and a nonfood item.

Which Kosher certifications are included? To assure that your KosherFoodieBox items are of the highest level of kashrut, we only include products that bear the supervision symbol of the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council) or any of the agencies they consider reliable. You can see a list of those agencies here: There are other agencies which the cRc will only recommend on a product by product basis. Be assured that if there is a product in your KosherFoodieBox with a symbol that does not appear on their list, the certification for that particular product has been approved by the cRc.
Occasionally, we include products that are dairy but not chalav yisrael.

How much does it cost? INTRODUCTORY OFFER! For a limited time, order a subscription and your first box is just $9.97, a 50% savings! Subsequent boxes will be sent at two month intervals at the regular low price of $19.95 which includes all shipping charges. You will not be charged for any box until it is ready to ship and you may cancel at any time.

When will I receive my first KosherFoodieBox? Your first Kosher Foodie Box will ship out within 1-2 business days after receipt of your order. All boxes are shipped via Priority Mail and arrive within 1-3 working days depending on the distance from our Brooklyn, NY fulfillment center. In the event the current Kosher Foodie Box is out of stock, you will be notified and your subscription with start with the next box. Your credit card will not be charged until that box is ready to ship.

When do KosherFoodieBoxes ship? Boxes are shipped 6 times a year according to this schedule:
Winter: First week of January
Early Spring: First week of March
Late Spring: First week of May
Summer: First week of July
Early Autumn: First week of September
Late Autumn: First week of November
Your credit card will be charged when your box ships. If you want to discontinue receipt of the KosherFoodieBox, please be sure to cancel at least 2 business days before the 1st of the next shipping month.

I love, love, love it! How can I get more? On our web site, there will be links to purchase more of each product in your KosherFoodieBox. Please remember that even though we have sent you a kosher product, not everything a company manufactures or sells may be kosher. In some cases, different products may even have different kosher certifications. Some products may be kosher and dairy. Always check each product carefully before ordering.

Can I return a KosherFoodieBox? We're sorry, but we are unable to accept returns. Variety is central to the KosherFoodieBox concept, and we work really hard to make sure we include only the finest products. We hope you will love everything you receive, but in the event there is a product you don't like, please send us feedback so we can continue to improve our selections. Remember, you can cancel your subscription at any time within 2 business days of an upcoming KosherFoodieBox shipment.