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TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal

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Kosher Foodie Box subscribers, look for your $1.00 coupon off any 10.6 oz bag of TeeChia
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*Valid through April 30, 2016

Energize Your Day with TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal!

Start your day with TeeChia, a delicious cereal created from six of nature’s own organic super seeds: organic chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, ramón and pumpkin seeds, blended with gluten-free rolled oats and sweetened purely with fruits. A bowl of either TeeChia's Blueberry Date or Cranberry Apple cereal, produces lasting energy, satiety (satisfying fullness), and has profoundly beneficial effects on your digestive tract. With a full spectrum of antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, soluble and insoluble fiber, vitamins and minerals, TeeChia makes a quick and easy wholesome meal.

You'll get the best results from TeeChia by activating its unique fiber before eating. Simply soak a serving of TeeChia in a bowl by pouring a small amount of water over it. Water, whether hot or cold, quickly releases the soluble fiber in both chia and flax. Stir and let soaked until water is absorbed (ready in less than one minute!).

Watch the video below and let Caroline MacDougall, founder of TeeChia, show some of the many delicious ways to prepare it!

TeeChia is Gluten Free, contains 6g Fiber, 28g Whole Grains, 6g Protein and 1200mg ALA Omega-3 Fatty Acids. It contains no added sugar and is sweetened purely with fruit.

TeeChia is certified Kosher/Parve by the Star-K

TeeChia Energy Balls
Makes approximately 24 balls

1 cups TeeChia Super Seeds Cereal
10-12 dates, pitted
1/2 cup walnuts, pecans or cashews
1/2 cup currants or raisins

NOTE: The single serving pack included in your Kosher Foodie Box contains approximately 1/2 cup of TeeChia, so unless you have more TeeChia on hand, simply halve all other ingredient measurements as well.

Coating Options:
1/4 cup cocoa powder, sesame seeds or shredded coconut

1. Soak the pitted dates in 1/3 cup hot water in a small bowl
2. Mash dates into the  water
3. Grind walnuts, pecans or cashews into small pieces
4. Add TeeChia and blend well
5. Add mashed dates along with the water they were soaked in
6. Add currants or raisins
7. Blend well until a lump or ball forms
8. Form balls of TeeChia mixture with spoon or melon baller
9. Roll ball around into preferred coating until covered

May be refrigerated in an airtight container for more than one month
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